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Batch DOC to Help Generator 2021.13

Batch DOC to Help Generator creates CHM help files from Word documents
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Batch DOC to Help Generator is intended to create help files in the CHM format from Microsoft Word documents. In this respect, it can be an alternative to help-authoring software as it may offer lower costs. In addition, advanced users of Microsoft Word may also benefit from this application, as they will be able to create help documents right from their favorite text editor.

This program has an unattractive interface in which some elements lack proper hierarchy. Changing the size of the buttons could have helped the user to differentiate basic steps from ancillary. For instance, the buttons for adding files to the list and converting should have been given more visual weight than the rest of the elements.

It is a good thing that the program is based on projects, which allows you to save your lists when you need to convert the same files frequently, as in the case of a software project still being developed. However, this tool could also facilitate the process of casual conversions because many times there could be files that you will have to convert only once. In general, despite some design issues, this utility is unlikely to pose any difficulties to the intended user.

The program can also be used from the command line, an option that will also allow you to specify conversion parameters. This makes this program ideal to receive calls from other programs or batch files. Moreover, this application integrates with Windows Explorer and supports right-click commands.

In order to convert a file successfully, you will need to create Word documents paying special attention to styles and hyperlinks. In this respect, Batch DOC to Help Generator is only an alternative, because it uses an external editor, which offers very limited capabilities to create help files. Another limitation is that this program supports converting to only one type of help file. As a whole, if you are really interested in creating excellent help files, perhaps you should look for a more sophisticated application.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • It supports DOCX files
  • It allows creating conversion projects
  • It can be run from the command line
  • It integrates with Windows Explorer
  • It supports batch conversion


  • It supports only Word documents as input
  • It could be a little difficult to use
  • It does not allow creating highly complex help files
  • It supports only a target format
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